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Due to the constant evolution of the material prices, quote prices are subject to change. Once a quote is given, the customer has 30 days to proceed with the commission, or else they will need to ask for a new quote. Kurenji's Workshop's work is guaranteed for two years after the item's arrival. The warranty covers anything relative to the construction and material. Wear and tear will not be covered by the warranty, and unauthorized modification of the work revokes the warranty. Shipping will not be covered by KW.




Kurenji's Workshop will ask for a 40% deposit (non-refundable) at the moment of buying to provide the materials. All payments must be made through PayPal, Square or e-Transfer (for Canadian residents only). When sending the payment, customer and fursuit name must be written to guarantee receipt of payment. Final payments must be received before construction can begin. To learn how our payment plans work, please refer to the payment plan section (1.4).




Kurenji's Workshop does not accept deadlines. We will do our best to finish for the date you've asked for, but KW is not obliged to work with it. 




Payment plans cannot exceed 1 month for a head, 2 months for a partial and 3 months for a fullsuit. 

Monthly payment will be charged at a date agreed upon. The norm of payment is once per month, but two or three times per month can also be agreed upon, if asked. A 5 day grace period will be accorded, but if the payment exceeds it, a 25$ fee will be required. 

The total price minus the 40% deposit will be divided by the number of payments, and the result will be the minimum price to pay for each month. You are welcome to provide for over the original charge, and what is over will be removed from the remaining price. 


(1.5) AGE


All payments have to be provided by someone 18 or older. If under this age, initial payment must be made by a parent or legal guardian. Commissioners must be 16 or older to order with permission of their legal guardian. KW will not be responsible for the fursuit not fitting anymore due to owner growing, or parents changing their mind about the purchase.


If the age written on the consent form is not corresponding to the actual age of the client, KW reserves itself the right to cancel the commission without refund and to blacklist the client. In some cases, ID can be required. 




Shipping will NOT be provided by KW. This includes commissions, refurbishments and repairs. We do ship internationally, but there might be some cases in which shipping is unavailable. Convention pickup might also be available.


(1.7) DTDs


A duct tape dummy MUST be provided for fullsuit commissions. If you don't know how to make one, a lot of tutorials are available online. If the DTD is not in good shape and requires fixing, a 30$ service fee will be charged for the additional work. 

The DTD is required to go all the way to the ankles, neck and wrists. 

We will not be responsible for ill fitting suits due to poor DTD construction. 




Any change must be made before final payment, as it may cause the price or completion date to change. 


Work in progress pictures and updates can be provided if asked for, through a contact method that will be agreed upon by both parties.




A reference sheet is necessary for completion of the project. All three sides (or four sides, if the character is not symmetric) of the character will be needed. KW is not responsible for markings that are not provided on the reference. 





Kurenji's Workshop reserves itself the right to cancel a project at any time if the customer is harassing in any sort of way, as determined by KW. A first warning will be sent, and at the second warning, the project will be dropped. 

KW also reserves itself the right to blacklist a customer from any further services.




Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, no matter the platform (phone, text, email, etc), is considered a binding contract. By sending a commission deposit, you agree to all terms of service.

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